Client Testimonial from Barbara Johnson in AZ (Qest Scan) Sept. 2020

In June of this year I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that is very rare and there is no cure. Part of the standard treatment is to give a drug that depresses the immune system. With this virus we are all dealing with, I started looking for another way. Janina was recommended to me by the physical therapist I had been going to for help to strengthen my muscles, a symptom of this disease. When I went for my first appointment I could not hold my head up for any amount of time and I had very bad double vision. Within a day or two I showed great improvement and Janina contacted me with an idea of what may have triggered this disease. I went for another scan,  started a couple other supplements and my recovery is nothing short of amazing!! My vision is almost back to
normal, overall strength is 90% better. I don’t know why or how it works, I just know it does. This has happened over a two month period. I have seen a neurologist and he thought I was doing really well and only wanted a CT of the thymus glad area, which I have scheduled. I’m completely blown away by this course of events and wanted to share my super successful story.

Client Testimonial from Somer in AZ (remote Qest Scan) June, 2020

I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work getting to know the Qest machine and your degree that helps you use it to its fullest. I was feeling pretty ill and not able to breath. No one in Phoenix could figure out what was wrong. You ran me on the Qest remotely since I couldn’t get to you and found that I had Radon poisoning from my home. It led me to get it checked out and I had very high levels of the poison in my house coming through a small crack in my foundation. You helped me find something I would have never found on my own. Within a few days I was back to feeling normal. So thankful for you and all your knowledge.


Somer Barnhart
Rasls Designs, LLC

Client Testimonial from Dee in Minnesota (remote Body Code sessions) Feb, 2020

I have a physical disability from birth, which causes me many musculoskeletal problems and chronic pain. I don’t like taking pain medication, so most days I usually just ‘live with it.’ Prior to Janina, I hadn’t really heard of energy work, and the potential benefits. I was a little skeptical, but gave her an opportunity to work on my body. She’s incredible. I had thumb pain that significantly affected my ability to use my hand for almost a year, and now I don’t have pain or movement issues. I also had pretty severe back pain that didn’t seem to get better with any interventions, but after Janina worked on it, it’s no longer a problem. She also did some clearing of my internal systems, organs, and mental health-related issues, and my overall health and ability to function has greatly improved. She’s highly knowledgeable, compassionate, and happy to help and explain things. I’m so appreciative of her and our ongoing relationship.

Client Testimonial from Caite, January 8, 2019, Arizona

Janina!!!! Thank you a million times for our session yesterday! I woke up this morning virtually pain FREE for the first time in TWENTY YEARS!!!!! I feel so refreshed and at peace..my mind is blown! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Amazing!!!! not just physically, but emotionally too! Janina I am just blown away. I can’t wait for another session!

Client Testimonial from Ed, July 2018, Arizona

Janina Ward is a very gifted, and intuitive healer.  The word in the “LIGHT” is that the body can heal itself.  That is great, but how?  I have done a lot of personal work over the years.  Yet, something was still missing.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not break free from feeling trapped. Feeling as if I was being kept from my dreams.  Sometimes even feeling pulled into darkness.  Knowing it was not me, and realizing only I could change things.  Yet, I did not know how.  There was a “wall” that I could not concur myself.  I found a way to tear down my “wall” with Janina’s help.

Janina’s picture “shined” out to me.  I knew she was one of my earthly Angels!  From our first session, my “wall” started disappearing.  My emotions were the first to “feel” the change.  With each session, I felt freer and freer.  Thank you Janina for helping me find my LIGHT again!  Thankfully, Ed


Client Testimonial from Steve, May 2018, Arizona

I have been to many energy healers in the last several decades and Janina has the best healing hands I have felt in a long time. I can feel the instant warmth and healing energy from Janina’s hands. I also experienced great results from the emotional healing she does called the Emotion/Body Code.

Steve K.


Client Testimonial from Lindsey, May 2018, Arizona

Two years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that controls my life (Crohn’s disease). I have been on so many medications that I loose count. The side effects would make me feel even worse. A co-worker watched me struggle day in and day out. That co-worker recommended a holistic approach to my disease and gave me Janina’s number. I knew nothing about holistic approaches but I went in for my appointment with an open mind. Janina performed a Body Code session on me and found numerous pathogens in my digestive tract which she addressed with the Body Code. She then suggested an ionic foot bath to help to remove the toxins from the medications.  For the first time in 4 years I was able to get a full night’s sleep and had energy. My son could even see a difference in his mommy and wouldn’t leave my side because he finally got his mommy back. I saw hope for the first time since being diagnosed. It only took 2 sessions to get my body in remission from this horrible illness.

Lindsey P.


Client Testimonial from Somer B., May 2018, Phx. Arizona

I had the pleasure of meeting Janina a few months ago. I had quite a rough year last year and was looking for some help to pull it back together. Janina was absolutely amazing. My heat wall has been cleared, my personal life has turned completely around,  my family life is wonderful, and my work has never been better. Janina was able to help me clear out the junk form this last year and life long issues in a short amount of time. I feel absolutely amazing and I can’t thank her enough. I continue to make my appointments that I call “maintenance” every few weeks and I truly look forward to them. Janina is very knowledgeable on the human body and what things can mean. Truly amazing experience.
Thank you Janina


Somer Barnhart
Rasls Designs LLC

Client Testimonial from Marie, April 2018, Indiana

“Over the course of about a month, my life and future changed from desperation to inspiration. Lifelong issues evaporated, the mental agony left over from a very difficult childhood changed to a peaceful mind and heart. The culmination of all prior therapies that I tried didn’t measure up with the results I’d experienced with Janina’s work. She has the intellect, sharp listening and heart to create real change. I wholeheartedly endorse the work she does.”

Client Testimonial from Jim Rouse, November 2017, Arizona
I’ve had two sessions with Janina and all I can say is WOW! She has identified issues that I’ve had for years that medical doctors didn’t even suspect. And she has begun successfully helping me with those issues. From diabetic foot neuropathy to heavy metal poisoning to prostate issues that I (and my doctors) attributed to just getting older. All are improving. And though I think of myself as a scientific-minded person, some of what Janina is able to do is just baffling. Until recently I would have not have thought there was any real science behind what she does. But in just two sessions I am now convinced otherwise. Janina was able to identify severe emotional trauma that happened at very specific times in my life (month and year). She identified that I had experienced severe discouragement, guilt, resentment, being forlorn, overwhelmed, sad and sorrowful. And then told me the month and year those things occurred. And she was right! And then she proceeded to help rid me of those issues. So, if you’ve had limited success with Conventional Western medicine, go see Janina. Do it with an open mind and you will not be disappointed!

Jim Rouse
Dewey, AZ

Client Testimonial from Jessica Moser, April 3, 2016, Arizona

“I struggled for many years having symptoms affecting various parts of my body all at the same time. The onset of my health problems started in 2010 when I started getting chronic numbness pain and tingling down my whole left arm followed by pain at the base of my neck. This became so chronic that I struggled with mundane functions such as holding a phone, typing and turning the steering wheel or doorknob.

I went to the ER they did a x-ray of the base of my neck and sent me to physical therapy because they said my strength was that of someone 30 years older than what I was. I also had an MRI of my neck which did not show any alarming causes for the numbness and pain. I also had chronic insomnia restless legs and irritable bowel issues affecting me at the same time. I was on different antidepressants, ADD medicine, anxiety pills and sleeping pills.

Every few months I was back at the doctor’s office demanding help because nothing was working. Every doctor would say the same thing, “I don’t know what’s causing your symptoms, you don’t have any obvious reasons that you’re feeling this way. It’s most likely depression and fibromyalgia”. I didn’t want to settle with that assumption before having everything looked into.

Over the next five years I saw a specialist  in virtually every area I was having complications with. I had a colonoscopy that confirmed irritable bowel syndrome, a neurologist nerve conduction study that said I have carpal tunnel, a sleep study confirmed I have moderate sleep apnea, a brain MRI that confirmed a lesion, a spinal tap that confirmed a systemic inflammatory response, a neuropsychologist who said I have PTSD, chronic depression, anxiety and am in the 99th percentile for ADD. I tried fibromyalgia medications and that didn’t work.

My pain was at about a 6.8 to 7 per day and I was taking two Percocet daily to cope. I was in a chronic daily fog of pain, mood swings, chronic fatigue, my hair was falling out by the handful my nails were dry and brittle and would not grow and I could not lose weight.

It was December 2015 and after discussing my chronic issues with Janina she suggested that maybe the thyroid was the cause. I then had a thyroid panel done by my doctor.  My doctor did  not see any ranges that were extreme but I was at the high-end of what was considered “normal” on these tests but not in the range where the doctor felt it could be an issue.

Janina had sent me a report that lists over 300 symptoms that are affected by hypo-thyroidism type 2. I was alarmed at how many symptoms I was experiencing that lined up with this condition. Janina also did a Bio-Well energy scan that confirmed very low thyroid energy. She suggested I add Lugol’s Plus Iodine supplement to cleanse my iodine receptors. She explained the role of iodine with thyroid health and how these receptors get plugged up with halogens such as fluoride, fluorine, chloride, chlorine, bromide and bromines and also mercury. She also suggested trying natural thyroid supplements and said it would take at least a month before I would notice if it worked.

During the first month it seemed as if my symptoms got worse but as she assisted me through this process she reassured me that the supplements are helping me detox. Anytime I had an issue, she instantly gave me feedback and research that backed up her suggestions for making me feel better. I’ve never had a medical professional so willing and dedicated to helping me find a solution.

After 30 days of being on the supplements for hypothyroidism type 2, I started noticing major differences. I was able to completely go off all pain medicine. My daytime fatigue disappeared. And my mood and outlook change something out of the ordinary for me. I was able to manage stress better, and maintain a good frame of mind. My hair is no longer falling out and is now strong and healthy and my nails are growing again. I’ve been on the supplements now for a total of 3 1/2 months and am convinced that Janina has found a way to help me cope with symptoms that were affecting my quality of life.”

Client Testimonial from DeeAnn Littlefield, July 2016, Texas

“I had never done an energy treatment (or whatever you call it on your site) before so I didn’t know what to expect. It was a very comfortable experience. Immediately after the treatment I felt calm and  centered, like my whole being was taking a deep, relaxing breath and exhaling. As the days went by after my treatment I was very in tune with what my body needed (rest, exercise, a certain nutrient, etc). I also felt energized with stamina and mental clarity like I have not experienced before. My husband even noticed a difference in me and I hadn’t even told him much about it. For me it was like Janina organized the many disheveled puzzle pieces in my system and put them all together like they were supposed to be.”

Client Testimonial from Lynn T., September 2016, Arizona

“I am amazed at how quick I got results from chronic pain in my back. I have a torn disc in my back and bulged discs and have had to take daily pain pills for years now. After Janina cleared my trapped emotions I no longer have daily chronic pain, I had no idea there were such things as trapped emotions much less that they could also cause physical symptoms!  Janina was even able to get to the root of a long standing physical condition using kinesiology (muscle testing). She was then able to clear and rebalance my systems using energy medicine, this stuff is amazing!!”

Client Testimonial from Jennifer Newman, October 2016

“Had a chronic infection that went away a couple days after one session! I’m amazed.
Janina is delightful.”

Client Testimonial from Della Pearcy, October 2016, Arizona

“I was so surprised on how she was able to figure out so many things about myself and my family, things that have happened and attached itself to me. As soon as I walked in, it was amazing how my mind and energy at ease. I already have my next appointment scheduled, Janina has opened my eyes and senses to a whole new world. Awesome experience!”

Client Testimonial from Natasha Edwina, November 2016, California

“Janina has a gift for swiftly getting to the root of the issue. We spent some time doing Emotion Code (over the phone) and it’s hard to believe that something so quick and painless can be so effective, but if you understand how energy works it makes sense. Unlike other practitioners I have been to who do energy work (mostly chiropractors), Janina made sure that we connected first through some breathing and intention. I believe this enhanced the results. Mostly what she cleared was “inherited” trapped emotions. I am very open-minded and study mind-body interactions at the PhD level, but I take everything with a grain of salt. I have to admit, however, that I felt more energized and “free” a couple days after our session. Simple tasks that were pervasive and seemed to have so much power over me were now getting done and I was making such great progress without any of the overwhelm and procrastination (or guilt for it) I had felt in the past. I was in touch with my power and feeling more in control, effective, and productive. What a great experience! There are tons of people in my local area who offer energy work, but I will continue to do distance healing with Janina when I feel stuck again. She also offers a very reasonable rate and payment is easy through PayPal.”