Emotion Code

Do you have emotional baggage? Emotional baggage is quite literally trapped emotional energy and can cause and contribute to many different physical and emotions issues. These trapped emotions accumulate in our energy system over the years and literally vibrate with negative energy that affects the surrounding tissues and organs. This process continues and lowers our vibrations to the point of causing illness, pain, emotional issues and disease. Janina uses kinesiology and Emotion Code training https://discoverhealing.com/ref/1l8uz to locate these trapped emotions and release them one at a time, quickly, and permanently. She can even identify where in your body the emotion is trapped and when it was trapped before releasing it.

Many people also create what is called the heart wall which is layers of trapped emotions that your mind builds around your heart with the intention of protecting it. Heart walls can cause depression, relationship problems, heart conditions and more. Many times we have inherited trapped emotions that have been passed down in our energy fields from traumas that happened in an ancestor’s life. We can also absorb emotions from other people. These trapped emotions are also magnetic attractions to more of the same type of emotions to become trapped which will create layers of trapped negative energy that distorts our own energy field and wellbeing.

Body workers and energy workers the world over have been aware of the effects a trapped emotion can have on the physical body but few know how easy it is to identify and release trapped emotions. Trapped emotions have been implicated in many somatic diseases, chronic pain, anxiety, digestive disorders, cancers and more. Janina has personally helped many clients reduce and eliminate chronic pain, depression and anxiety with this method of emotional release. There is no need to spend countless hours discussing your traumatic past and experiences, once the problematic trapped emotion is identified and released, it is gone. Dramatic relief is often experience after one session. Book an appointment today and see if your trapped emotions are contributing to your health and relationship concerns. Emotion code can also be done remotely; energy work knows no physical boundaries. Many feel lighter, less burdened and less pain after each session. Emotion Code is a small component of the Body Code. By choosing a Body Code session you are getting the Emotion Code.


Please book your in-office sessions on my scheduling page. Both remote sessions and office sessions can be purchased here.  If you would rather pay at the time of your session please contact me by phone or text at 928-713-5617 for scheduling. I also work on pets, all sessions on pets are done remotely.  We accept HSA Health Savings Account cards as well as all major credit cards! Please verify with your HSA provider that these services are covered. 

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