Qest Bioenergetic Testing

Energy medicine practitioners, many natural doctors and even some conventional doctors recognize that years before a disease manifests in the physical body there are imbalances and disturbances in the bio-field (energy field, aura, spirit, Qi) of an individual. These disturbances lead to symptoms of disease if they are not addressed before they reach the physical level. It is at the physical level when the condition becomes pathological that the majority of conventional diagnostic methods such as laboratory tests, MRIs, X-rays, Cat Scans etc. are able to give a visual reading of these conditions which your licensed medical doctor can then diagnose and prescribe treatment for.

Before most diseases manifest on the physical level there are preexisting factors that exist in your energy field. These can be identified with bioenergetic testing. Many of these preexisting factors are genetic influences, toxicities, nutritional imbalances, environmental factors and pathogens that are not yet detectable by conventional methods.  Conventional methods of testing are not sensitive enough to identify factors at this level even though the individual is experiencing symptoms.

Bioenergetic testing uses high tech methods of enhanced energy sensing to send harmless frequencies through the body via two handheld metal cylinders. Based on the feedback from your body’s internal systems and energy layers these energetic imbalances are registered. Based on this information the bio energetic software will then search the database for natural remedies and frequencies that can balance many of these preexisting factors. From this information your holistic practitioner can make suggestions that may include other therapies, essential oils, specific frequencies and energy practices, nutritional needs, detoxing protocols etc. that allow your body to re-balance weaknesses before these continue to progress and result in symptoms of disease.

To schedule your bioenergetic stress evaluation click here http://matrixofholistichealth.com/online-scheduler/ and choose Qest bioenergetic scan, this can also be done remotely, please email for instructions for a remote scan (essentialenergyoils@gmail.com)

Please note* Bioenergetic stress evaluations are  not a form of medical diagnosis and should not be exclusively relied on.  Any recommendations or  suggested therapies are not designed to replace any medication or treatments currently being provided or recommended by a physician. If any symptoms of illness are present please contact your doctor.