Body Code Sessions

Body Code

The body code is a system in which the trained practitioner uses a computer program in combination with energy medicine. The Body Code was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a very successful Holistic Chiropractor. The Body Code consists of identifying and clearing imbalances in the following areas:

Energies– Many different types of energies greatly affect us on many levels. These include post traumatic energies, offensive energies, mental energies and more. These energies become trapped in the physical body and produce very real problems on the physical level.

Circuitry- The body’s energy systems consist of the meridians, chakras, and each organ and gland has circuit links to other areas of the body. An imbalance in one of these areas will have repercussions elsewhere in the body just as a blown circuit in your house will affect areas in different rooms on the same circuit.

Toxins- Identifying and clearing the toxins in your body can make a huge difference in your physical and mental health. These will show up in the body code even when they do not show up on other diagnostic tests because your subconscious knows far more than any lab test.

Pathogens- Viral, bacterial, fungal, mold and parasites can be identified and addressed with the body code.

Structural imbalances- Every organ, gland, bone, ligament, muscle and other connective tissue can become imbalanced. These imbalances can be identified and addressed using the body code.

Nutritional deficiencies– These can also be identified and corrected using the body code. Book your session today!