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The Human Energy System, Biofield, Aura, Energy Field

The concept of  life force energy goes back thousands of years and is found in every tradition. Being a Christian I stand by the Bible’s basis of life force energy. In Genesis chapter 2 verse 7 we read, “And Jehovah God went on to form the man out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living person.” (NWT, 2013).  Our breath directly affects our life force energy (spirit) and consequent aura, biofield, energy field.

Our energy meridians and chakras are the highways and control systems contained within and around our physical body. The energy meridians lie between the etheric and physical body and consists of a network of channels, like energy veins and vessels that run throughout the body and carry the life force energy.


Figure 1 Human Energy Meridians Example

Acupuncture points are energetic portals on the skin and are found along the energy meridians. Life force energy from eternal sources enter the body through these points and into the energy field layers directly.

Chakras are oval shaped energy centers exist in the etheric body. There are over 360 chakras in our body but the ones most referenced are the 7 major chakras that spread from the base of our spine to the top of our head. Chakras function much like electrical transformers. The chakras step down the higher frequency energy into lower frequency ranges that the physical body can utilize.

Figure 2 Human Chakra System

Nadis are fine energy threads or vessels that link the chakra energy to different body parts. These nadi are interwoven with our nervous system.

Life force energy flows from our Creator and the universe into the chakra at the top of our head and is sub-sequentially staged down in frequency as it descends through each of the lower chakras. This continues to charge and revive our energy field (spirit) which in turn feeds and nourishes our physical body and mind. The chakras at the lower part of our body also connect to the earth’s biomagnetic field and channel energy upwards from the earth into our energy field.

Disturbances to our energy field often occur before there is a physical manifestation such as disease. Physical, mental and emotional imbalances are all reflected in our energy field. Energy medicine uses a variety of techniques to remove disruptions in the energy layer and restore the natural flow of life force energy in the disrupted energy layer, meridians and chakras. Where there are physical, emotional and mental imbalance there is also a disrupted energy frequency. Diseases have lower vibrational frequencies than a healthy body has and by use of energy techniques, these lower  diseases vibrational frequencies can be cleared and brought to a higher healthier energetic frequency.

Figure 3 Earth’s Biomagnetic Field


Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch is a natural healing method that falls under the category of energy medicine. Quantum Touch uses the life force energy of the body to improve wellness. Life Force Energy is also known as Qi, chi, prana. Quantum Touch uses specific breathing patterns and methods to increase the practitioner’s energy field.

 Figure 4; human energy field

Quantum Touch Practitioners are trained to focus, amplify and direct life force energy. This method of enhanced energy healing  is an effective method for reducing pain, realigning physical and energetic structure, balancing organs, glands and energy systems and meridians. To book an appointment for Quantum Touch with me please call or text me at 928-713-5617, email at essentialenergyoils@gmail.com or click the ‘Schedule Appointment’ button below.

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